​Former Eagles CB ​Daryl Worley could be facing more jail time than originally thought.

Worley was arrested on Sunday after becoming combative with police, and even had to be tazed as a restraint. After a gun was retrieved at the scene, the Eagles responded promptly by cutting the soon-to-be third-year pro after acquiring him via trade this offseason.

The gun, of course, is the root of the issue here and could perhaps lead to even further trouble for Worley.

According to Philly's ABC affiliate, Worley did not have a carry permit for the gun in his possession, which would carry heftier sentencing guidelines should the CB be found guilty of these accusations.

"He's obviously very disappointed that he's involved in a situation," Worley's attorney told ABC. "Again we're going to look at it and hopefully resolve it favorably enough so that he can maintain his career."

Worley's issues, of course, draws parallels to another Eagles player, ​Josh Huff, who infamously was arrested on the Walt Whitman Bridge with a fireman that allegedly was not registered. Like Worley, Huff was released from the team, but eventually signed on in Tampa Bay.

Huff would take a plea deal ridding him of much of the serious charges against him, and Worley and his attorney are hoping for a similar outcome in his case so that the former West Virginia Mountaineer can resume his NFL career.

However, considering the longevity of the legal process in Huff's case, it will be an uphill battle for Worley due to the similarity of the charges.