This isn’t an over reaction to ​one game. No. The Cavs have been terrible all year, and their embarrassing loss to the Pacers highlighted everything wrong with them. 

​Disinterested. Disconnected. Disenchanted. Discombobulated. Disteamisnotwinninganything.

LeBron James has been amazing this year. He's put up some of the best numbers of his career. He’s also been self absorbed and self aggrandizing, praising his performance to the point of naming himself league MVP. 

While he has every right to be proud of this season, that kind of selfishness rubs off on your teammates. The message from LeBron has been clear all year: this is about me, not the Cavs. 

Kevin Love admitted as much before the playoffs, saying LeBron's free agency status could affect the Cavs playoff run. Here we are, just one game in, and Love's prophecy has already proven true.

Of course one game doesn’t dictate a season or series. But if you think the Cavs are going to magically turn things around, run through the East, and then beat whatever juggernaut comes out of the West, ​you haven’t been watching them this year

This is the Cavs. They play bad defense. They’re not great on the boards. Their offense goes stagnant. They live and die by the 3. They're forced to come back from big deficits. 

That’s not a Championship recipe. 

The Cavs will win this series against the Pacers, I'm guessing in 6. LeBron is still LeBron and the Cavs have more talent than the Pacers.

But don’t let their next four wins fool you. The Cavs are a bad team that has no chance of winning the title. Dismuchimsureof.