​We don't deserve​ Bartolo Colón. The man is a natural treasure and proved that once again on the mound tonight against the Houston Astros. 

At 44 years old, ​Colón pitched a perfect bid through seven innings and looked unhittable. It was fun while it lasted until a Carlos Correa walk and Josh Reddick double in the eighth inning ended the incredible run. 

Left in disappointment, Colón pointed at Reddick and gave him props during his walk off the mound. 

​​Reddick became public enemy No. 1 to the rest of the nation, but you have to love Colón's reaction. There's nothing he can do but enjoy this moment at this point in his career. 

Big Sexy has continually defied the odds and anytime it looks like he's slowing down, he comes out with a breathtaking performance like this. 

In no other sport would we ever see something like this happen. 


The man is an age-less wonder and should be treated like such.