​In case you didn't know, ​Clayton Kershaw is pretty good at baseball

​He's paid like the best pitcher in the world and he performs as such more often than not. We've always knew he's the best pitcher in the game, but sometimes it seems like he's WAY better than that.

Stats like these certainly do the trick.

That's nearly SEVEN seasons of work.

Usually the numbers don't do someone as talented as Kershaw justice. You have to see his curveball buckle batters to get the full effect. However, a stat this impressive tells the entire story of Kershaw's legacy and dominance.

He's the best pitcher in the world and there's little doubt in most people's mind about it, but a sub-2.00 ERA in 197 starts is simply astonishing. That's the career of a great MLB The Show custom-made player.

For those of you that are visual learners, let's see what it takes to rattle off that type of elite production.

That should be illegal. It has to defy science in one way or another because there's never been better breaking balls than the ones Kershaw releases. 

Numbers like this support that tenfold.