Saturday Night Live's Kenan Thompson is a national treasure in the comedic world, and his over-the-top impression of the most famous basketball dad in the nation, LaVar Ball, is always spot on.

In fact, if you had to put his imitation of the Big Baller Brand's CEO against anyone else's rendition out there, there's no doubt even Ball himself would say Thompson has "NEVA LOST!"

In Saturday night's clip, the fake LaVar showed up for a segment on Weekend Update to recap his son Lonzo's rookie season. Honestly, we couldn't imagine this interview going any differently if it were really him.

"50 points a game, 100 assists, 500 touchdowns and certified 100 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!"

You just can't script a better line than that., "LaVar" also went on to discuss the future of his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo, his new basketball league that he believes undoubtedly will be better than the NBA, and some other crazy antics that he's been up to.

Pure gold. Please, SNL, keep these sports sketches coming.