Where All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant will end up in 2018 is anyone's guess. 

Though he has publicly stated that he'd like to stay within the NFC East to face the Cowboys twice a year, the possibility is slim considering the Giants and Eagles have tight caps and already sport No. 1 receivers. 

The Redskins, on the other hand, are still in play but do have many needs to address before busting the bank on a high-risk asset like Bryant. That means Dez will have to look for a team solid enough without him that has enough financial equity to bring him on board for a low-risk, high-reward outcome. 

Luckily for No. 88, that team might be right next door. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien and GM Brian Gaine have a solid corp with stud De'Andre Hopkins and Will Fuller, but they also have north of $32 million in cap space to work with this year. 

A three-year deal with high base salary, back-loaded guarantees and a potential out after 2018 would be the perfect set-up for both parties. If Dez can return to his 2014 form and prove he is still worth his weight in gold, it would be a win-win for the Texans and the three-time Pro Bowler. 

If you're worried there will be too much friction of having two potential No. 1's on the team, then don't worry, Hopkins is already on board.

New free-agent acquisition Tyrann Mathieu has also gotten in on the recruiting.

Now, all it will take is a phone call, the right numbers and figures to create a nightmare WR trio in the AFC. The dominos are just beginning to fall.