​Major League Soccer is still working hard at making even modest inroads within the sporting sphere in the U.S. and Canada. And while the product on the field can't match the top leagues in Europe, there are other reasons to tune in.

Just check out what ended up on the front page today on MLSSoccer.com, the league's official website.

Look, Colorado Rapids fans deserve to wave their flag and have their day after a big clean-sheet win over the defending champs, Toronto FC. But let's treat Jack Price and Shkelzen Gashi a bit better than that, shall we? They may be men of many talents, but I watched this game-- NEITHER ONE OF THEM SCORED USING THEIR ANUS.


Not sure how to make it any clearer than that.

Anyway, since some of the folks who run MLSSoccer.com are acquaintances of mine -- I'm an absolute freak and used to cover MLS for one of 12up's competitors, full disclosure -- I will refrain from casting blame or aspersions in anyone's direction. I'll simply say this:

​Colorado did no defecating today. In fact, it was Toronto that crapped out.