​Don't apologize, Josh. People look up to you for the very reason you're apologizing. 

Josh Rosen, the former UCLA starting quarterback and consensus top-five draft choice, seemed to reflect on some college mishaps in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

Among the topics- you guessed it, the infamous hot tub. 

While several years back, the hot tub it appears wasn't the issue. It was a photo, where Rosen made it known he was in the tub with a fellow UCLA female student, which caught the attention of many. 

A bit of immaturity, sure. Compared to just you're average college freshman however, this antic should not have shocked you, and the fact years later he seems regretful shows the maturation he has gone through. 

"Power moves," the caption from Rosen's October 17, 2015 Instagram post read. 

In regards to the tub, the to-be first-round draft choice explained, "Hosting a woman in the tub. Again, it’s about tailoring the message...But I shouldn’t have had a woman in there. I enjoy making people laugh, but what I find funny and put online, others might misconstrue and find jerkish. I need to refine my message but not lose who I am."

Something as minuscule as the hot tub incident is what ​worries NFL teams across the draft board? If so, come on. 

Even Rosen's former head coach ​Jim Mora went on record, throwing a bit of shade toward his former quarterback. 

Rosen will be just fine. 

As long as he stays out of trouble, gets his reps in, and commits his full attention toward his next employer, I expect the 21 year-old to exceed when his opportunity arises.