This sure is something to get Hokie fans excited about. 

​Virginia Tech has showcased new jerseys for the 2018 season. The Hokies were 9-4 last season and have grown into one of the best teams in the ACC. 

This shows if you win games in college sports, you will get rewarded for it. ​

The jerseys do not look too much different, but they do have some slight changes. After a decade, the Hokies will get their new and improved uniforms. The only obvious changes are the stripes by the shoulder pads. 

Personally, I hope they wear the all orange jerseys a lot this season. The ways jerseys look is very important to teams and colleges nowadays. Teams are always trying to improve their uniforms and if the wins come, they constantly change them. 

​​It will be interesting to see if the ​Hokies can make a jump in the ACC standings. They have a lot of talent coming back, so it is certainly possible.