After their heartbreaking Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, you'd think the last thing the New England Patriots would want to do is associate themselves with the city of Brotherly Love. But team owner Robert Kraft did just that on Tuesday. 

Kraft traveled to Philadelphia to visit rapper Meek Mill, who's currently serving a time in prison for violating his parole. The parameters of the original sentencing have come under fire, placing #FreeMeekMill at the forefront of the culture.

Kraft spoke at a news conference following the visit, going all-in on support for Meek and his release.

"Amazing young man. I know how I’d feel if I was in the situation he is... Every time I see him, I just come away more impressed," Kraft said. "He’s very intelligent, and makes it clear to me we have to do something with criminal justice reform."

It was Meek's song "Dreams and Nightmares" that fueled the Eagles during their unprecedented Super Bowl run, and Kraft seems to have come full circle. While he isn't directly supporting the Eagles, per se, he's helping one of their own. 

Kraft has earned a reputation for being a standout owner. From the heat the NFL has taken, I'm not sure you'll find any other higher-ups in the league taking this kind of initiative.

With the wealth Kraft possesses, it could very well be enough to help release the 30-year old rapper sometime soon, if for no other reason than raising awareness around the issue.


Keep the faith, Meek!