The hatred continues ​between ​Bruce Irvin and Marquette King

The two were once teammates in Oakland, but even when they were playing together you could tell there was animosity there. Now, there is no reason for Irvin to take his foot off the gas when going after him. 

With ​King now suiting up in Denver, Irvin wanted to let the world know that he's taking advantage of his first chance to light him up. 

​​Clearly someone is just chomping at the bit to get out there and put pads on pads, laying the smackdown on his former teammate. 

Even better, he's ready for all the fines and payments that may come with it. 

​​Of course with these kind of subtweets, Irvin's mentions were stacked full of haters going after him and defending King. 

However, Bruce was having none of it. 

​​This isn't even the first time Irvin has went after King on Twitter. 

The day Marquette signed with the Broncos, this is what he had to say. 

Can't wait to see these two meet on the field. ​​Expect contact.