It's only fitting that the MLB's best stars will showcase their skills in Hollywood. ​

While the next two All-Star games will take place in Washington and ​Cleveland, 2020 is setting up to be a thrilling week for baseball. The last time the Dodgers hosted the Midsummer Classic it was 1980, but that is finally going to change. 

Get pumped baseball fanatics, the Los Angeles Dodgers are receiving the 2020 MLB All-Star Game. 

​​Call it a coincidence or bizarre timing, but after 40 years Dodger Stadium will finally host the event. Just imagine how great it'll be, as the California weather in the summer should setup for a beautiful night of baseball. 

Although it seems so far away from now, Dodgers fans need to prepare themselves from now, as their star players will dominate the ballot.

​​The Nationals and Indians will definitely put together an awesome All-Star week, but the Dodgers could provide a true masterpiece for the MLB.