The locker room is a place where things can get feisty between players and the  Rockets and Clippers proved that earlier this year.

Former NBA player Glen Rice Jr. reinforces this statement as he has gotten himself into trouble on the other side of the globe.

According to, Rice has been cut by his overseas team after beating up his teammate, who needed medical attention, after a loss.

Rice was the leading scorer for the Israeli Basketball Premier League and was having a great season before the incident. 

Teammates getting into scuffles with each other isn't something that is completely oblivious to sports fans. Shaq and Kobe are examples of teammates that have had disagreements, but of course were able to overcome.

In this case, this isn't the first time Rice Jr. has been in trouble and it seems to be a reoccurring action for him. 

Rice Jr. will need to get himself under control before basketball is considered in his future.