​Don't look now, but she's baaaaaack! 

The "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut Sunday night in New Orleans at Wrestlemania 34.

The event marked Rousey's first professional fight since she left the UFC following two straight losses, but in her return, Rousey certainly didn't look like a defeated woman.

She looked like she was just getting warmed up.

​​Rousey wasted no time as she entered the ring with fury in her eyes and got to work fast.

Her highly anticipated showdown with Stephanie McMahon got brutal before McMahon had even seemingly known what hit her.

That's what pure pent up rage and aggression will get you. A ticked off Rousey looking to make a mark in her debut.

If you ask McMahon or Triple H, she certainly left a few.

So far so good.

Rousey looks to be right at home back in the ring, living out her passion, and performing like the fighter we all grew to know and love.

The rest of the WWE, however, may not share in the same enthusiasm. Clearly, no one is safe. Male or female.

Rousey is coming.