​While LSU stars Derrius Guice and Arden Key were a couple marquee players on display at the Tigers' Pro Day, there was another athlete on the field -- one who has never played a snap for LSU before.

​LSU basketball star Brian Bridgewater also participated, completing workouts at the tight end position.​

​​And apparently his performance was good enough to catch the attention of NFL talent evaluators across the league.

During his collegiate career, Bridgewater appeared in 71 games for LSU, averaging just 1.8 points per game.

But NFL teams won't care too much about that. They care about his football skills, which Bridgewater remains confident in.

"A lot of them were surprised that I caught the ball really well. I thought that was funny, because that’s like my biggest asset, catching. It’s like rebounding — you just go up and get it."

Bridgewater hopes to follow in the footsteps of Antonio Gates, who also only played basketball in college. Bridgewater has an uphill battle ahead of him, as the former basketball player likely will not get drafted and will have to prove himself as an undrafted free agent.