​It was an unbelievably poor call by the umpire and Anthony Rendon was not having it. 

In Saturday's game between the Nationals and the Mets, New York came away with a 3-2 win. The loss is frustrating, but for Rendon, the early shower he was given has him downright livid. 

Rendon was tossed from today's action after he struck out and flipped his bat. The home plate ump took this as disrespect, and tossed Rendon from the game. Seriously. 

​​You have got to be kidding me. 

This is simply nuts. Rendon was upset after striking out, sure, but all he did was flip his bat in anger. It's not like he threw the lumber at the ump. 

As you might imagine, Rendon was ticked off, going as far as to say the ump has a vendetta against him. 

Yup, Rendon is not happy. 

To be honest, he has every right to be upset right now. The ump's ruthless decision cost him at-bats, ones he won't get back. 

To the men in blue, be better. Please.