The ​New York Mets are looking strong in many facets of the game at the start of this season. Sitting on a record of 5-1 they are looking to continue their winning ways against the Washington Nationals. 

With outfielder ​Juan Lagares playing in his fifth game of the season, he is showing why he should be an everyday guy. 

Watch him save a run by nailing Brian Goodwin at the plate. 

Plays at the plate are some of the most exciting in baseball. Whether it is the bottom of the ninth or the bottom of the second, a bang-bang play at home can change the momentum of a game and get the fans out of their seats. ​

There is also no better feeling as an outfielder.

Things seem to be coming together for the Mets very quickly. If they can manage to stay healthy this season, the Mets will definitely be a team that will be able to make a run.