It appears that ​LeBron James is not the only person being recruited to Philadelphia. 

With the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl, morale is still flying at an all-time high around the city, and the force of Philly fans is only getting stronger. 

Eagles offensive tackle and dog by night Lane Johnson is happy to report that he has officially transformed his grandmother into a certified Eagles fan. 

Oh, did I mention ​she is from TexasAlso known as Cowboys country. 

It does seem as though miracles do happen. 

Johnson, who led the​ 'underdog' movement during the playoffs, is showing just how strong the Philly spirit is. 

Let's be real, if he can turn a Texas native in to an Eagles fan, he can do anything. 

Johnson has been with the Eagles since 2013, and they should probably keep him around for longer, this guy knows what he's doing.