​Take a minute to look at this picture. Or, you know, take eight seconds maximum and look at the scoreboard.

See anything wrong? You should. The Denver Post didn't. They thought this was a cool Rockies Season Preview COVER to put out.

The  Post really screwed up this one. When trying to produce a visitor's guide to Coors Field on their front page, they didn't even put a picture of Coors Field. You can tell because it says PHILLIES in gigantic letters on this structure.


That's just unacceptable for them. Someone's job is on the line. And this mistake comes right after they had laid off a number of their journalists who, you know, maybe could have fixed this glaring error that a baby could discern?

Hey, at least there was one thing about this picture that was correct.​​..right?

There is a Rockie on the jumbotron. Great job guys! 

Wait a second, is that Kaz Matsui up there? He hasn't played in Colorado since 2007, let alone Major League Baseball since 2010.

This is just an all-around mess up by the Denver Post here. Luckily, the Denver Post took us on a world tour this morning, so we're all good!

Unfortunately, you can't delete print. This lives forever.