​This is just downright embarrassing. 

The Masters is in full swing, as the best golfers in the world are taking to Augusta National to make their bid at a green jacket this week. 

Unfortunately for defending champ Sergio Garcia, however, his bid ended as soon as it started. 

Garcia has struggled mightily so far in the first round of the tourney, but nothing could compare to the absolute meltdown he suffered on the 15th hole. It's a tricky shot, as any variance could land the ball right in the water... and Garcia learned that the hard way. 

Sergio sent the ball into the water not once...

Not twice...

Nope, not three times, nor FOUR...


​​We're not even talking about different shots from different positions-- Garcia literally hit the SAME SHOT into the water FIVE SEPARATE TIMES. 

That's just heartbreaking. But finally, on his 12th shot, Garcia struck pay dirt. 

​​And was thankfully able to bury the putt to salvage a 13 on the hole. 

For those of you keeping track at home, yes, that ties the highest single hole score in Masters history, matching a feat that hasn't been accomplished in 38 years. ​​

​​Sorry, Sergio, No green jacket for you this year.

It just goes to show, folks: NEVER go full Tin Cup.