The NFL is extremely inconsistent with just about everything, but when it comes to drug testing, they never miss a beat. Players are subjected to unannounced drug tests throughout their professional careers and if they are found violating the rules, they can be suspended for large chunks of time.

While no one disagrees with eliminating cheating and performance-enhancing drugs, sometimes the league may go over the top, at least according to  Janoris Jenkins. 

The Giants' Pro Bowl cornerback called out the NFL on Twitter for over-testing him for steroids. 

​​It's never a good look for the NFL when players are publicly calling them out on social media, but Jenkins looks to have a point. He's never once violated the league's performance-enhancing policy in his six-year career. 

Jenkins was suspended indefinitely by the Giants last season, but that was due to disciplinary reasons. 

But, it's no surprise Jenkins has been continually drug tested by the NFL. Even coming off an injured-plagued season in 2017, he's still one of the most talented corners on the field. 

The man is a stud in the secondary. And he sure doesn't need any extra help to be so dominant.