If you're the Houston Rockets, life is good right now. Clinching the top seed in the Western Conference along with having the ​clear favorite MVP candidate on your team, things can't get much better.

So what do you do when things are going well? Dance it out a little bit.

James Harden has shown us ​amazing in-game skills this season, and now he busted out some dance moves when he thought nobody was watching him.

But if you're James Harden, everyone's watching.

No one can fault the man for showing off the moves, especially considering the season him and his team are having.

Before the season, many expected we'd get another repeat of the Warriors-Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. But with the Cavs looking vulnerable and the Rockets on a hot streak, the postseason is bound to be very different this time around.

He'll need to do a little more than dancing, but Harden is looking to lead his team to the promised land.