​There might not be a fan base who hates Bryce Harper more than the Atlanta Braves faithful.

They boo him endlessly when he walks to the plate, and their animosity towards him intensified when he dragged his cleat across the "A" logo almost four years ago.

​​Even the Braves organist knows this, and along with playing the Imperial March as he strides to the plate, he trolled the former MVP's impending free agency by playing 'Go Cubs Go' on Monday night.

​​There are already plenty of ​Harper to the Cubs rumors floating around in legitimate places, especially since he and Kris Bryant are great friends and they grew up in Las Vegas together, so this music choice was an incredible decision by Atlanta's organist.

While this is a nice troll job (​even though it didn't work Monday night), I'm pretty sure the Braves would love this to happen, as he's destroyed Atlanta over his career and should probably high-tail it out of the division.