The raising of a championship banner is an important and beautiful moment for fans and players, as this signifies the first home game and journey to another championship. 

The Houston Astros home opener had finally arrived and fans were excited to finally witness the reveal of the banner that would state "World Series Champions". 

The announcement comes "Ladies and gentleman the 2017 World Series Championship banner!". 

Fans waited and waited but there were some technical difficulties from the crew.

The players couldn't even help but laugh, as they patiently watched the struggle of taking off the curtain that shielded the banner with a leaf blower. You would think they had figured out a better method beforehand, right?

After some time, the banner was finally revealed, and a standing ovation was given to the team. 

Some teams might want to take note of what the Astros had done and want to avoid this method for future reference.