​Why stop now?

Vontaze Burfict is practically the definition of a front office headache. It looked like the Cincinnati Bengals were going to ​rid themselves of said headache, but a ​four game suspension ended that opportunity. 

Now, the Bengals have officially stated they intend to keep Burfict around this year. 

Marvin Lewis and Bengals executive Duke Tobin put on a united front today and said that they had every intention of keeping Burfict around despite his latest suspension. Burfict's suspension means he'll have missed at least 32 games since 2014, 10 of them because of a suspension.

What do you expect from the Bengals? There's no such thing as accountability in Cincinnati. If the head coach can go 15 years without a playoff win without consequence, why on Earth should Burfict follow the rules? 

The Bengals are a clown show, and we'll probably be having this same conversation next offseason.