​Yesterday, ​the Oakland Raiders shocked the NFL world by releasing punter Marquette King.

Like when anything shocking happens, we want answers. Well, we kind of got the reason why the Raiders cut King, and it's not a good one. 

​​According to a report by Bill Williamson, King was released because new head coach ​Jon Gruden wanted to send a "message." It was not specified what this exact message was, so for now we can only make assumptions. 

There's no denying that at times, King would be a little flashy on the field. He has this swagger to him that has never really been seen from an NFL punter. 

But for the most part, he never was involved in antics where he cost his team a game or anything like that. He's one of the best punters in the NFL, and the Raiders are going to miss him. 

​​Jon Gruden is a huge football guy. He should know that it's important to have great special teams players. 

In King's case, he was a game changer when he would pin teams inside the 10 or 5 yard line. Having a great punter like King can flip the momentum of games, and force opposing offenses into some pretty tough spots. 

There aren't a lot of punters that can get it done the way King can. Unless there's something we don't know, the infamous "message" that Gruden is trying to send could come back to bite the Raiders big time.