​​The Royals were already expected to take a big step back in 2018, but now that they ​lost their anchor behind the plate, their season is over.

This shocking news broke earlier on Wednesday.

Wow. This is almost hard to believe. Perez has been a staple behind the plate each and every season since 2013. Since that time, he has played in at least 129 games. For a catcher, that is remarkable.

We can't fail to mention that he won four gold gloves over those five years.

Perez isn't only known for his glove. ​During his time as a Royal, he has also been known for his clutch hitting and tremendous power. 

Perez expressed his heartbreaking disappointment regarding his recent injury.

Although the Royals weren't expected to make much noise in 2018, they still have the talent to stay relevant for a bit, but with the loss of Perez, that task is going to set them back big time. 

One can only hope he can get back on the field as soon as possible as manager Ned Yost tries to keep the ship afloat.