​Just like every team around baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers are trimming their roster to 25 players before Opening Day on Thursday. The closer we get, the tougher the decisions are.

I'm sure it wasn't easy for Los Angeles, but they optioned outfielder ​Andrew Toles to Triple-A Oklahoma City, which likely means outfielder ​Joc Pederson and catcher/infielder ​Kyle Farmer will make the cut.

You can make a strong argument that the Dodgers made a mistake, and based off Toles' comments after the news, he's not a fan of the decision either.

Of course, nobody wants to be demoted, so Toles' comments aren't shocking and they make perfect sense. And yeah, it's not like he can say no to the demotion. But when you had a great spring and did what you needed to win a spot on the roster, I'd be pretty upset as well.

I'm sure Toles will make his way back to the big league team, whether it be because of an injury or a lack of performance from somebody, but that doesn't make this any easier for him.