Most sticky situations work themselves out, but Virginia Tech might see this latest incident linger. 

After defeating Elon, the Hokies women's lacrosse team celebrated their victory by singing on the way back to campus. While the team was clearly hyped about winning, Virginia Tech is in hot water for the song they decided to sing along to. 

Even though it didn't seem like there were any racist intentions, the girls sang artist Lil Dicky's "Freaky Friday," which features the "n-word" multiple times. 

The original video came from one player's Snapchat, resulting in national chaos: 

​​Virginia Tech lacrosse head coach John Sung was upset with what transpired, but he believes that the team will learn from this mistake. 

If that wasn't enough, Sung released a full statement on the troubling issue: 

​​We've seen ​racial slurs cause a ton of backlash, and while this incident was far less nefarious than others, it's common knowledge you can't be repeating such explicit lyrics in a public setting or on camera.

One can only hope the team learns from these silly acts.