Let's just cut to the chase. We're all here to read up on the NFL's new rule changes to find out if the league finally fixed the very broken catch rule that has frustrated fans and teams for years.

It's been an issue ever since 2010 (unofficially), when Calvin Johnson had a game-winning touchdown grab called back against the Chicago Bears with seconds left in the fourth quarter. We have seen Dez Bryant get robbed in 2014's Divisional Round game against the Green Bay Packers, and we'll never forget Jesse James falling victim last season with an overturned touchdown that cost the Pittsburgh Steelers a chance to claim the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

Though the league can't fix the past, it looks like they are taking the right step to end any possible future controversy. 

Yes, all of those are indeed catches now. Right on time!

To give more detail on the new stipulations, per NFL.com's Kevin Patra, the rules defining a catch are now as follows:

1. Control of the ball. 

2. Two feet down or another body part. 

3. A football move such as: A third step; Reaching/extending for the line-to-gain; Or the ability to perform such an act.

What's most important is that the NFL has now removed the highly ambiguous criterion that a player must secure the ball throughout "going to the ground."

The decision to implement these changes was unanimous.

As for the other notable updates, designated officials can now instruct the refs on-field to disqualify a player for a flagrant non-football act, waiver and claiming time periods have been adjusted, and injured/reserved trades are now approved.

For those potential rules/bylaws that got shelved, the New York Jets pulled their request to have defensive pass interference as a 15-yard penalty instead of a spot foul, so we won't be seeing that change in 2018. Also, the league will not discuss the change that allows assistants to accept coaching jobs while in the middle of the postseason to help eliminate situations like Josh McDaniels and the Indianapolis Colts debacle. 

How do we feel about these? Is football officially fixed now? Seems fixed, good, let's move on.