The issues surrounding Colin Kaepernick's standing with the NFL don't look look like they will be resolved any time soon. And it looks like the Oakland Raiders are only reinforcing the stalemate.

When asked about Kaepernick, new Raiders head coach Jon Gruden issued some eye-opening comments on the quarterback, who just a few short years ago led the 49ers to an appearance in the Super Bowl:

​​Well, coach, if that's how you remember it...

We all know that Kaepernick was not "beat out" by Blaine Gabbert for the San Francisco 49ers' starting QB job in 2016. Rather, Kaep was coming off multiple injuries and just wasn't fully healthy at the start of the season.

This also coincided with the time that Kaepernick started to ​kneel during the national anthem, and there a ton of viable theories about that being the real reason why he wasn't made the starter (and was subsequently blackballed from the league). But that's a whole other story.

Regardless, Kaepernick did NOT get beat out by, of all people, Blaine Gabbert. Gruden clearly did not do his homework. But don't expect him to issue any corrections; this is the NFL we're ta