With all the injuries that occurred to starting quarterbacks, backups were at a premium last season. The Indianapolis Colts were lucky to acquire Jacoby Brissett from the Patriots, who proved to be extremely valuable. 

Andrew Luck is set to return, but his durability still remains a major concern. Because of that, the Colts are keen on keeping  Brissett around, even if that means turning down multiple trade offers. 

According to reports, the Colts did just that this offseason. 

Despite going 4-11 in 15 starts, Brissett exceeded expectations, throwing for 3,098 yards with 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions. If you take into account the lack of help Brissett had on the roster, that's an impressive feat in itself. 

The Colts seem to have no expectations to trade Brissett and why should they? He's under team control for two more seasons and his yearly salary doesn't exceed $890,000. That's the perfect scenario for a backup quarterback. 

Brissett is still developing and some believe he's even got franchise quarterback potential. 

Andrew Luck's health isn't a sure thing by any means and at the very least, Brissett is a proven entity.

As the Colts only continue to improve, they're making the absolute right decision keeping a promising young quarterback around.