​Forgive us for saying that we were pretty sure we were due for an Albert Belle incident soon. It had been far too long, and one of the game's most unstable men had faded a bit too seamlessly into obscurity.

And now, this. Breaking news out of Scottsdale, as Belle has been booked for a stream of unpleasant crimes.

​​Both counts of indecent exposure stick out as upsetting, but all the activities Belle's accused of trying to tackle while under the influence also speak poorly about the mental state he's currently in.

The mug shot here is, uh, not promising in that regard.

Belle, of course, is known for hitting mammoth homers and ​wrecking clubhouses from the inside out with a corked bat, departing paradise in Cleveland and forcing a trade to the rival White Sox prior to later signing a disappointing and massive deal with the O's once he hit free agency.

Belle's temper somehow managed to outweigh ​his potent bat in the public eye; that's what happens, though, when you aren't able to capture a ring, and are able to repeatedly take part in arguments and scuffles that dominate the headlines.

We hope Belle gets the help he needs; this sounds like the sort of disturbing public event that could yield a turnaround for an eternally troubled ex-star.