​Fifteen-year veteran Jayson Werth has had quite the prolific baseball career. Now, the wily vet faces the possibility of unemployment.

Despite embracing the break from professional work, Werth still appears eager to continue his career.

After storming into the league with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2002, Werth truly developed into a star with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2007. 

Accolades starting pouring in for the outfielder, who helped lead the Phillies to a World Series victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008. In the series, Werth hit .444 with 3 doubles, 3 RBI, 3 stolen bases, and a home run. He made the All-Star team the next year and led the National League in doubles with 46 in 2010, his final year with Philly.

Since then, Werth has spent seven years with the Washington Nationals but hit free agency this offseason. Werth remains unsigned and ​retirement rumors have begun floating around.

However, retirement does not appear enticing to Werth. ​​He hopes to continue his career in 2018, and ​he has not ruled out his former team as a potential destination.

Werth will have to prove to teams he's better than his numbers showed last season after an abysmal .226 batting average with just 10 home runs.

In spite of his numbers, Werth and his hairy appearance remain a staple in the MLB. Watching a league without the caveman would be a weird sight after watching him for the last 15 seasons.