​This​ NFL free agency class featured some dominant defensive players, especially defensive backs. We have seen players like Trumaine Johnson, Tyrann Mathieu and Malcolm Butler find new homes. 

But, we have all been so distracted by following where players like those guys go, that we have overlooked other sure-handed defensive back free agents. 

Example, Justin Bethel. 

He has been an incredibly consistent cornerback and special teams player over the duration of his career. Now, the three-time Pro Bowler has reportedly signed a deal with the Atlanta Falcons. 

​​Bethel has played his whole career with the Arizona Cardinals up until now. He has collected four interceptions in that time, primarily serving as a rotational player. 

This is a great signing by the Falcons, because it allows them to add depth. You can never have enough depth as a competing team, especially in such a competitive division like the talented ​NFC South.