​Anytime you have an 11th seed make it all the way to the elite eight in the NCAA Tournament, right away it's regarded as a cinderella story.

But for ​Loyola-Chicago, that shouldn't really be the case.

The Ramblers had an RPI of 22 this season. Based off of that, they were kind of overlooked by the committee, who gave them the low seed of 11.

When you compare Loyola's RPI to some of the other top teams that were in the tournament, the Ramblers had them beat. The Miami Hurricanes were a sixth seed, but had a worse RPI than Loyola.

​​Getting ready to play the ninth seeded ​Kansas State on Saturday, after the ​Wildcats downed Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen, the Ramblers find themselves in another situation where their RPI is a lot better than their opponent's.

Kansas State had an RPI of 53 this season, which was pretty low compared to the other teams in the tournament, but yet Loyola is considered the cinderella team. It really should be the other way around.

But in the end, no one actually expected these two team to be competing for a chance to enter the Final Four.

It'll be a great game to watch, but Loyola-Chicago has shown they can match up with anyone in this tournament.

Don't be so surprised.