​Zack Greinke is an American hero. 

We've all been in arguments where you'll go extremely far just to prove a point. Well, it turns out the Diamondbacks ace was so hell-bent on showing he was right that he put his own statistics on the line.

During a debate over what matters more, velocity or location, with his former pitching coach when he was with the Royals, Greinke decided to throw 85 MPH fastballs in a Spring Training game just to prove that ​speed meant more.

To make this story even more legendary, Greinke told his pitching coach "I guess velocity matters." 

Alright, Corey Kluber and Clayton Kershaw might be fun to watch, but they don't have the ego and humor quite like Greinke. 

Just picture the former Cy Young Award winner throwing batting practice pitches in an actual game because he wanted to be right. That idea could be thought of as a petty move, but it's also brilliant.  

We've finally found the biggest troll in the MLB and his name is Zack Greinke.