The Jets' failure to land Kirk Cousins in free agency activated plan B-- signing two bridge-the-gap quarterbacks in Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater.

The ultimate goal for front office boss Mike Maccagnan is to find his franchise quarterback in the upcoming draft, but McCown and ​Bridgewater are expected to compete for the starting spot this season all the same. But will there really be much competition given Bridgewater's injury history?

Those concerns paired with these recent comments should leave Jets fans worried. 

Bridgewater wouldn't give a definitive answer on the health of his knee Wednesday, telling reporters that it's "something I’m not comfortable talking about right now... I’m pretty sure that’ll be a discussion that I have with the training staff. We’ll come up with a plan moving forward.”

That might have been the worst thing Bridgewater could have said. It was less than two years ago when he suffered a torn ACL among other serious damage to his right leg. The road to recovery has been arduous, which is why Bridgewater earned a one-year, $5 million deal with just $500,000 guaranteed.

No team was comfortable taking a big risk on a quarterback coming off a serious knee injury. ​Unless you're the Arizona Cardinals, of course. 

We're still months away from Week 1, but Bridgewater's health will be closely monitored every step of the way. But if he doesn't come across as confident, why should the Jets feel any different?

We'll see just how well that knee will hold up in a matter of months. Strap yourselves in, Gang Green.