​Brock Holt has been a valuable contributor for the Red Sox over the past five seasons in a super-utility role with the club. Holt plays solid defense all over the field and makes an impact with his bat as well. He was even an All-Star in 2015.

Despite his relative struggles last season, Holt was largely expected to again be an important depth piece for the Red Sox this season. Instead, Holt is now reportedly unlikely to have a spot on the team's opening day roster and he's not too happy about it.

​​Holt is the type of player that every team needs; he plays any position on the field and isn't a liability at the plate, so he might be right that most if not all teams would be interested in his services.

​After signing ​J.D. Martinez though, there wasn't a clear spot for Holt on Boston's roster. Eduardo Nunez can back up all over the infield and the team already has four solid outfielders, so Holt's role became redundant.

​​Holt has also struggled with ​injuries over the past two seasons, playing in a combined 158 games during that time. In addition, Holt played poorly last year as he posted a .200 batting average and finished the season as a replacement level player according to WAR.

Whether he deserves to be on the Opening Day roster or not, Holt is certainly displeased with the uncertainty surrounding his status and made sure the Red Sox are aware of that fact.