​Don't look back Kyle, you got a good one.

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch revealed the direction his club nearly went prior to ​acquiring quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from New England last October.

Kyle Shanahan, who previously worked as the offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins, reportedly had targeted the new $84 million man, Kirk Cousins, and even felt "remorse" following his decision to head to Minnesota. 

"We made the (Garoppolo) trade, but then there were some days when Kyle Shanahan was like in mourning, because I think everybody knows his master plan was to have Kirk Cousins come in eventually,” per ESPN.

Kirk Cousins has a great arm, and should excel and help Minnesota reach the next level. However, Jimmy Garoppolo is without a doubt the better acquisition, especially after seeing him succeed in Shanahan's system.

The 49ers got a steal, unless the Patriots find another Tom Brady replacement with that second round selection. While the ​$137.5 million dollar contract extension for Garoppolo was a lofty one, I'm not alone when saying he has a much higher ceiling than that Kirk Cousins.

Lynch and Shanahan should be thankful Jimmy is their guy.