​Rejoice, NFL fans! We may have a brand new look for the official NFL catch rules.

Al Riveron, the NFL's Senior Vice President of Officiating, has proposed terms and language of the revised catch regulations for the league's Annual Meeting next week. 

Check out the new recommendations:

​​They were not kidding about the catch rule being simplified. The previous rule has been under much scrutiny over the years, specifically this past season. Two primary examples include Jesse James' overturned catch against the New England Patriots and Austin Seferian-Jenkins' overruled touchdown catch against, yes, the Patriots.

There has been much uproar as the confusing terms of the previous rule left fans with headaches trying to process the explanations from referees and the league office.

If the language of this new rule ends up prevailing, gone are the days of "surviving the ground." This simplified version makes it easier for fans, players,  and coaches to understand. Control, two feet down (or another body part), and a good old "football move" would signify a catch. Period.

Now, we play the waiting game to see if this simplified rule does get passed by the league. Really, it's the least they can do.