​If you have ever seen Major League or just simply listened to a ​Milwaukee Brewers game on the radio, then you know of inimitable, comical broadcaster Bob Uecker.

However, this story isn't funny. It's actually quite scary.

During the offseason, Uecker found himself in a frightening medical situation that most fear, but are never actually forced to level with.

Following a bite from a poisonous Brown Recluse Spider at his home in Arizona, Uecker found himself with a bacterial infection which needed surgery and eight full weeks of recovery time.


This is not by any means his first run-in with health issues. He had an aortal aneurysm in 1991, a leaking aortic valve and pancreatic tumors in 2009, and a staph infection to go along with many other problems.

Luckily, the iconic baseball voice claims to be fine, and was able to make light of the spider bite saying, "The spider didn’t ‘recluse’ himself from biting me."

Uecker plans to call around 100 games this season from the booth. Here's to another 100 after that, Bob. They don't make them like you anymore.