​​Just two nights ago, Jordan Poole led Michigan to a dramatic victory over Houston, sending the Wolverines to the Sweet 16.  This victory is just one of the many wild finishes to this addition of the NCAA tournament.

On Twitter, it wasn't only Poole receiving congratulatory messages, there was another Jordan getting them too.

Their names are definitely similar, but their lines of work are total opposites. Jordan Peele, whom everyone knows from the famous Key and Peele videos, has been receiving praise for hitting the game winning shot for the Wolverines.

Shortly after his thank you tweet, Poole, the real hero, responds.

That's what it's all about right there. 

Poole doesn't feel the need to make sure no one else is taking the credit. Everyone knows it was him. This was just pure fun and games on social media. 

Now let's see if Peele, I mean Poole, can carry his team to an even deeper run into the tournament.