The Atlanta Braves have something special brewing in the outfield and it comes by way of  Ronald Acuna. 

The 20-year-old is the team's No. 1 prospect and it hasn't taken long to see why. Acuna has been absolutely crushing the ball in Spring Training, hitting .417 at the plate with three home runs and 8 RBIs. 

Today's game against the Phillies was no different. It only took one at-bat for Acuna to make his presence known.

On a 3-2 count, he absolutely crushed a home run deep into left field. 

My goodness. No one will be seeing that baseball again. 

Acuna is batting his way right into the starting lineup on Opening Day. There's no way the Braves can let this kind of talent stay in the minor leagues any longer, especially after the season they had in 2017.  

If Acuna is doing this now, you have to imagine the kind of power that will be on display this season.