​Happy St. Patrick's Day world!

That's right folks, it's everyone's favorite Irish holiday. A day where you can get blackout drunk at 12:30 in the afternoon and no one even bats an eye, because they're hammered too! It's glorious, so throw on your green and get out there.

Unless you're a Vikings fan apparently. 

​​Minnesota took to Twitter earlier today to give a stern warning to all of their fans - even on St. Paddy's day, you CANNOT wear green. 

Gee, I wonder why the Vikings wouldn't want people wearing green?

​​Oh, THAT'S right, because the Philadelphia Eagles DESTROYED them in the NFC Championship Game last season! I guess that's a fair reason to not like a color. 

Of course, some people think that's not what the Vikes were talking about at all. Some believe this was a shot at the Packers, their longtime division rival. 

​​I'm not saying that's a wrong assumption, but given the current events, it doesn't necessarily seem too right. 

Especially when the Eagles jumped in with the roast of a lifetime. 



​​They should've known Kirk Cousins was going to open up the meme warfare on them more quickly than they expected.

If you really want to have some fun, you can stroll through the mentions on that Tweet and watch as the Vikings fanbase burns to the ground. 

​​You can really taste the sadness. 

​​Gotta love social media.