Glen what is going on here?

Big Baby Davis was one of the funniest players in the league during his time in the NBA. He was a giant dude that for some reason was just so entertaining to watch. He was a 6-9 monster who thought he was 6-4. It was just amazing to watch. 

Unfortunately, things don't seen to be as amazing for Big Baby nowadays. According to reports, Davis was arrested earlier this weekend for some utterly insane drug charges. 

​​Oh, when they say running a drug empire out of a Hampton Inn, they LITERALLY mean running an ACTUAL drug operation out of a motel. 

Davis was arrested with over 126 grams of weed and an inauspicious suitcase filled with a whopping $92,000 in cash. You know, just normal things to carry around you while having a nice stay at a Maryland Hampton Inn. 

​​Davis stepped away from basketball after the 2015 season to pursue production, but I don't think this was the kind of production we thought he was talking about. 

Even worse, this means we won't get to see the Big Baby himself dominate the Big 3 this year.

​​Disappointing stuff.