​Although the reigning champion Philadelphia Eagles have been making big moves to improve their pass rush, the team finally suffered a hit on the other side of the ball.

Running back LeGarrette Blount, who played a major role in the Eagles' championship season, has found a new home yet again. This time, he's heading to ​Detroit to play for the Lions.

Detroit doesn't seem like a team that can win the Super Bowl but hey, we were saying the same thing last off season about the Eagles. This move may be more money-related, as he'll be getting $4.5 million for just a season.

It seems as if Blount is getting comfortable as an NFL journey man.

His career started back in Tampa Bay; he then became a Patriot and won a Super Bowl, left for a short stint with Pittsburgh, and then came back to win another chip with New England.

His most recent ​season with Philadelphia, perhaps by magic, led to yet another Lombardi Trophy.

This may be far-fetched, but maybe this could mean a Super Bowl title for Detroit. LeGarrette could just be a magical good-luck charm.