​Brackets have fired in hot to the trash a lot earlier than expected this season. And why is that? Well, we've got four words for you:

Thanks a lot Arizona.

In the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the No. 4 seed Wildcats suffered an embarrassing 89-68 loss to No. 13 seed Buffalo. How in the hell did this happen? We have no idea. 

But, if you ask the good folks on Twitter about tonight's action, they have some posts that might even cheer up all those sad Arizona fans out there. Well, maybe not. 

​​Hey Arizona, you had ONE job. And you couldn't even escape Day 1?

Thanks for the memories, DeAndre. Now go ahead and declare for the Draft and start earning the big bucks you deserve. 

Well, there's always next year? Nope, not for these Wildcats. 2018 was supposed to be the season they reminded Wildcats fans everywhere how special the program can be. Epic fail. 

After shocking Arizona, who's to say Buffalo can't take down Kentucky as well? It's a lock baby, bet the farm on the Bulls!

Sean Miller and his staff paid recruits money to lose by over 20 points to a 13 seed? Gotta feel for them. 

Accurate. What a disaster. Who else had Arizona making it to the Elite Eight? Don't worry, so did I. We can cry together. 

This just goes to show Skip Bayless truly doesn't know what he's talking about. How's he going to defend this pick? Probably by speaking even more nonsense. 

Do you realize what you've done fellas?!

A robbery? Go ahead and add assault to the charges. Buffalo straight spanked Arizona in this one. 

The Pac-12 is showing why the "East Coast bias" exists. It's because the conference is proving to be a total disappointment on the national stage. 

Thanks for nothing, Wildcats. You let the conference down, but more importantly, you cost a lot of us out there any shot at having bragging rights by winning office pools. Unreal.