​When you think of the term 'difference-maker' in regards to an NFL team, do you think of the center on the offensive line? 

Don't worry, most people would say 'no' too. 

However, for San Francisco 49ers head coach ​Kyle Shanahan, the center is one of the most important positions on the field, which explains why he is paying his center ​Weston Richburg so much money. 

Most people would not realize how much a center is responsible for on the field other than snapping the ball and pointing to a couple of people on the defense. 

Shanahan went in depth to describe some potential scenarios in which one move by the center can change the outcome of an entire play. 

When players that aren't seen as impact-players get recognition for the difference they make in a game, it makes you feel good. 

Hopefully Richburg doesn't go down with an injury, because then Shanahan may not feel as great about his decision.