Whether you like it or not, Baker Mayfield is one of the most polarizing players coming out of the college football scene. And because he plays the quarterback position, that makes him a virtual lock to go in the top-ten picks come April.

However, that doesn't mean teams aren't concerned. Mayfield's off-the-field characteristics have been voiced as a problem by many. While it's not fair to compare him to Johnny Manziel in those regards, Mayfield is still seen as a question mark. 

One NFL team even went to ultimate lengths to make sure Mayfield is the right choice. 

According to Robert Klemko of the MMQB, Mayfield was alerted that an NFL team hired a private investigator to track his movements. 

Seems pretty extreme, right? 

The Heisman Trophy winner is going to be coveted by plenty of quarterback-needy teams heading into the draft and rightfully so. Mayfield's is an incredible player to watch. The combination of his ability and leadership skills is unquestioned. 

His actions off the field are a different story. 

This kind of stunt shows two things in regards to Mayfield's future: Teams are serious about making him their franchise quarterback but they also view him as a major risk.

If Mayfield is being put on a pedestal, who knows what else goes on behind the scenes for all 32 teams. 

This is just crazy.